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Technical Meeting on Nuclear Power Plant Personnel Training

18 – 21 Aug 2020
Toronto, Canada
Event code: EVT1804444

A key challenge in the safe, reliable and efficient operation of nuclear facilities is ensuring that all personnel are competent and qualified. Sufficient numbers of adequately trained, qualified and motivated personnel are vital in achieving excellence and in ensuring that the personnel, public, nuclear facility or environment are not exposed to unacceptable risks.

The systematic approach to training (SAT) for training nuclear facility personnel has proved to be effective in nuclear and other safety-critical industries. Nuclear facility operators worldwide advocate SAT-based training; regulatory authorities in many IAEA Member States mandate or strongly recommend the use of SAT-based training for staff at nuclear facilities.

The Technical Meeting will focus on new guidance for training NPP personnel and discuss trends and new developments related to SAT training. Participants will be able to exchange best practices, share ideas and information on national activities in the use of SAT as well as ways of improving the effectiveness of NPP training programmes. A draft publication, provisionally entitled Guidance, Practices and Methodology to Support Simulation and Digital Learning for Nuclear Power Plants, will be presented and discussed.

The event will particularly emphasize the following topics:

  • Strategic aspects of SAT;
  • SAT phases and processes;
  • SAT applications;
  • Contractor training; and
  • Training effectiveness.

The event is targeted at managers, training staff, personnel of regulatory bodies, human resource and human performance specialists, vendor and contractor managers involved in training, and evaluators and instructors from NPPs, training centres, industry and universities.


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