10 Years PUI

Nuclear Technology for Cancer Care

IAEA projects provide a dose of support

Navigating Ocean Acidification

Coordination Centre advances global efforts in ocean acidification education, capacity building and science

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Raising the Bar

Serbia adopts nuclear safety and security law with legislative assistance from the IAEA

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From Soybeans to Cancer Treatment

How Indonesia has benefited from the PUI and why it has become a donor to the programme

Robots, drones and artificial intelligence for advanced decommissioning and environmental remediation

IAEA News Story

Winners of the IAEA 2020 crowdsourcing challenge

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This year marks a decade of action under the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI) to support developing Member States and confront some of the most pressing and unanticipated global challenges. From supporting cancer control programmes, to increasing food security and enhancing nuclear safety, projects under the PUI have been instrumental in increasing the contribution of the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology to development. This edition of the
IAEA Bulletin demonstrates how the PUI has unlocked the diverse capabilities of the IAEA and its partners, and how the use of nuclear and related techniques has made a difference for millions around the world. 

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