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58th IAEA General Conference

22- 26 September 2014, Vienna International Centre, Vienna

General Conference

Radioactive Waste: Meeting the Challenge — Science and Technology for Safe and Sustainable Solutions

The Scientific Forum took place 23-24 September 2014 in Board Room D, C-Building, 4th Floor, in the Vienna Internatonal Centre (VIC), the site of the General Conference, and focused on radioactive waste and the science and technology available for its safe management. The Forum was held in conjunction with the General Conference. Photo Gallery →

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Director General Yukiya Amano Address to Scientific Forum

Director General Yukiya Amano opened the Scientific Forum, stating that to ensure that radioactive waste poses no risk to people or the environment, now and in the future, all countries using nuclear technologies have the responsibility to manage it safely. During the Forum, international experts on radioactive waste will highlight the science and technology available to develop safe, secure and sustainable solutions for its management. The meeting will also highlight how the IAEA is supporting its Member States in meeting the challenge. Statement → | Video → | Photo Gallery →

IAEA Meeting to Highlight Technologies to Safely Manage Radioactive Waste

Nuclear technologies benefit people in many areas, including health, agriculture, the generation of electricity and manufacturing. The radioactive waste generated by such processes can be safely managed, using robust and sustainable approaches to ensure that it poses no risk to people or the environment, now or in the future. Press Release →

Addressing Radioactive Waste

More than 300 participants crowded the room in which this year's Scientific Forum started on 23 September 2014 at the IAEA's Headquarters. The two-day Forum, entitled Radioactive Waste: Meeting the Challenge — Science and Technology for Safe and Sustainable Solutions, is the largest side event held during the IAEA's 58th General Conference in Vienna, Austria. It has brought together experts and organizations from around the world to discuss integrated approaches to radioactive waste management, highlighting safe, sustainable and viable waste management solutions. More →

Radioactive Waste — The Journey to Disposal

Nuclear technologies benefit people everywhere. Radioactive sources are used to sterilize food and medical instruments, to develop improved crops and to diagnose and treat patients. Research reactors are used in science and for producing radioisotopes for medical use and 30 countries use nuclear power for energy production. These various uses of nuclear technologies generate waste like many other processes. To ensure that it poses no risk to people or the environment now and in the future all countries using nuclear technologies have the responsibility to manage radioactive waste safely and securely. Video →

IAEA Scientific Forum Highlights Responsibility for Radioactive Waste

The two-day Scientific Forum during the IAEA's annual General Conference emphasized the need for a comprehensive, integrated, cradle-to-grave approach for management of radioactive waste. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano closed the event on Wednesday, 24 September 2014, by highlighting that anyone using any form of nuclear technology should start with the end of the fuel cycle in mind. "All Member States should embrace, from the start, their responsibility for radioactive waste management," he said. "It is imperative that each country establish a comprehensive plan for waste disposal as soon as they begin to use nuclear technologies." He added that the issue of radioactive waste disposal was a very important one, and that the IAEA has a role to play in disseminating information and accelerating research. More →

Report on Scientific Forum

A report on the 2014 Scientific Forum, entitled Radioactive Waste: Meeting the Challenge — Science and Technology for Safe and Sustainable Solutions, was provided to the General Conference and gave a brief account of discussions over the past two days. The report stressed that IAEA Member States making any use of nuclear technology should start with the end in mind and have plans for ultimate disposal of radioactive waste not just temporary storage. Report →

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