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Webinars: Talks on Operational Safety

What are the Talks on Operational Safety webinar?

The Talks on Operational Safety webinar is a free and easily accessible platform to share, benchmark, and network with Top performers in the nuclear power industry to improve the Safety Performance and the RESILIENCE of OUR industry.

Senior Executives are invited periodically to share their insights on how they drive and sustain high operational safety performance.

Who may attend?

Everyone who has a role to contribute to oversight and improvement of safety performance of nuclear power plants are welcomed to join the webinars. The primary target audience are nuclear professionals from nuclear power plants, corporate organizations and other like-minded institutions.

How to attend?

Send an email request to receive invitation for future Talks on Operational Safety.  Webinar invitations will be sent out about one week in advance. Our topical webinars will also be announced on the IAEA social media platforms for greater visibility and participation.

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