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IAEA Scientific Forum 2020

22 – 23 September 2020, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Nuclear Power and the Clean Energy Transition

22–23 September 2020
IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria



9:30-11:30     Opening Session (Video →)

Opening statement by Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General, IAEA

HE Mr Bento Costa Lima Leite de Albuquerque Júnior, Minister of Mines and Energy, Brazil (Statement)

HE Mr Alok Sharma, Secretary of State, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, COP26 President, United Kingdom (video statement) (Video presentation)

Ms Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (virtual) (Statement)

Mr Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency (virtual) (Statement)

Mr Boris Schucht, Chief Executive Officer, Urenco Limited (Statement)

HE Mr Alfonso G. Cusi, Secretary of Energy, Department of Energy (DOE), Philippines (Video presentation)

HE Mr Zhang Kejian, Chairman, China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), China (video statement) (Video presentation)

HE Mr François Jacq, General Administrator, French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France (video statement) (Video presentation)

11:30-13:00     Lunch Break

13:00-14:30     Session 1: Innovations for Achieving a Clean Energy Transition (Video →)

Nuclear Technology Innovations for Climate and Development Goals

Ms Agneta Rising, Director General, World Nuclear Association (Video presentation)

- Key Innovations in Nuclear Energy Systems: An Overview

Mr Philippe Ciais, Senior Researcher, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (LSCE), France (Presentation)

- Using Current Emissions Studies to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Clean Energy Innovations

Mr Mingguang Zheng, Chief Engineer for Nuclear Energy, State Power Investment Corporation, China (Video presentation)

- The Need for Advanced Nuclear Power in the Sustainable Energy Mix

Advances in Nuclear Reactor Design and Construction

Mr Yury Khomyakov, Chief Scientific Officer of the Proryv Project, Rosatom, Russia (Presentation)

- Advanced Large Reactors with Enhanced Safety and Efficiency for Climate Goals

Ms Rita Baranwal, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy, USA (Video presentation)

- Reducing Construction Times and Costs: Innovative Modular Reactor Designs

Mr Hideki Kamide, Chair of GIF Policy Group (Video presentation)

- From Molten Salt to Liquid Metal: Innovative Reactor Systems for Sustainability

14:30-15:30     Break

15:30-17:30     Session 1 (continued): Innovations for Achieving a Clean Energy Transition (Video →)

Meeting the Challenge: Continuity, Resilience, Flexibility & Security 

Dario Delmastro, Engineering Manager, Central Argentina de Elementos Modulares (CAREM), National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) Argentina (Video presentation)

- Long Term Operation of the Current Nuclear Fleet and SMR deployment

Mr A.K. Balasubrahmanian, Director (Technical), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, India (Video presentation)

- Scientific and Engineering Breakthroughs Keep Existing NPPs Operating Longer

Mr Cedric Lewandowski, Vice-President, Group Senior Executive, Nuclear and Thermal, EDF, France (Video presentation)

- Extreme Weather and Pandemics: Adaptable Nuclear Power Proves Resilience

Mr Chae Young Lim, Senior Vice President, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Republic of Korea (Video presentation)

- Smart Grids and AI: Nuclear Power’s Role in Emerging Electricity Systems

Session 2: Raising the Bar: Nuclear Energy for "Deep Decarbonization" (Video →)

Using Nuclear Energy to Slash Emissions in Industry, Transport and Buildings

 Mr Jeffrey Griffin, Vice President, Science and Technology, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada (Video presentation)

- The Value of Nuclear Energy Beyond Electricity

Mr Kazuhiko Kunitomi, Deputy Director General, Sector of Fast Reactor and Advanced Reactor Research and Development, JAEA, Japan (Video presentation)

- The Coming Hydrogen Economy: The Key Role of Nuclear Energy

Mr Youssef Shatilla, Senior Higher Education Consultant, United Arab Emirates, UAE (Video presentation)

- Nuclear Power’s Potential Role in Reducing Emissions in Seawater Desalination

Ms Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Integrated Energy Systems, Idaho National Laboratory, USA (Video presentation)

- Achieving a Clean Energy Economy: Integration of Nuclear and Renewables to Support Multiple Energy Users


9:30-10:30     Session 3: Innovations for a Sustainable Future: Managing the Energy Life Cycle (Video →)

The Need for a Holistic Approach to the Energy Life Cycle

Mr Gerfried Jungmeier, Researcher, Joanneum Research, LIFE - Institute for Climate, Energy and Society, Graz, Austria (Presentation)

- Variable Renewable Energy Sources: Innovations in Life Cycle Management

Ms Rebecca Weston, Chief Operating Officer, Sellafield Ltd, UK (Video presentation)

- Innovations in Nuclear Spent Fuel Management

Ms Liisa Heikinheimo, Deputy Director General (Nuclear Energy and Fuels), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland (Presentation)

- Progress and Innovation in Deep Geological Disposal

Ms Anzhelika Khaperskaya, Lead, Senior Manager at Project Office, Rosatom, Russia (Video presentation)

- Fast Reactors in a Closed Fuel Cycle for a Sustainable Future

10:30-11:15     Session 4: Advancing the Clean Energy Transition (Video →)

Nuclear Technology Innovation: Drivers and Impediments and the IAEA’s Role

Ms Gloria Kwong, Acting Head, Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) (Video presentation)

- Nuclear Energy Innovation: Factors for Development and Deployment

Mr Rodolfo Zamian Danilow, General Coordinator, Energy Information and Studies, Secretariat of Energy Planning and Development, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil (Presentation)

- Integrating Nuclear Power into Low Carbon Energy Deployment Scenarios

Mr Collins Gordon Juma, CEO, Nuclear Power and Energy Agency, Kenya (Presentation)

- The IAEA Role in Fostering the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

11:15-12:15     Break

12:15-13:15     Closing Session (Video →)

Mr Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General, IAEA

Mr Bernard Bigot, Director General of the ITER Organization

Ms Kirsty Gogan, CoFounder Energy for Humanity, Managing Director, LucidCatalyst

Ms Fabricia Piñeiro, Board of Directors, International Youth Nuclear Congress

COVID-19 info

Arrangements for GC(64) in view of COVID-19 restrictions
Following a series of Member States' consultations conducted by the IAEA Secretariat on the arrangements for the 64th regular session of the General Conference, Member States have agreed on arrangements so that the General Conference can pursue its work in the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. The arrangements provide the framework for the conduct of the General Conference and are accessible here.


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