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Air sampling in Palangka Raya, Borneo, Indonesia
24 November 2015 News Story

From the Past to the Future: Measuring Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific Using Nuclear Techniques

For over a decade, scientists in Asia and the Pacific have been using nuclear techniques to identify the source and level of pollution in the air – and the data collected over the years can now inform policymaking.

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Doctors receive IAEA training in 3-D radiotherapy tools to more accurately target cancer
23 November 2015 News Story

Radiation Medicine and Sustainable Development: the IAEA Helps Countries Fight Cancer

An estimated 215 000 additional health professionals will be needed by 2035 to meet the growing demand for radiotherapy services as cancer cases continue to increase. Through collaborating with countries worldwide, the IAEA helps to meet this demand as it works to improve access to quality cancer care for patients, particularly in developing countries.

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Intl. Research Reactor Conference Vienna Nov 2015
20 November 2015 News Story

Conference Participants Discuss Safety, Security and Operation of Research Reactors

Operators should ensure full utilization of research reactors through proper strategic planning, integrate IAEA guidance on safety and security into their operations and make increased use of networking to learn from their peers. These were some of the conclusions of the International Conference on Research Reactors: Safe Management and Effective Utilization, which ended in Vienna today.

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18 November 2015 News Story

American Physicist Wins IAEA Nuclear Fusion Prize for Model that Will Help Design Containment Wall

Robert J. Goldston, professor of astrophysics at Princeton University and a former director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, has won the IAEA’s 2015 Nuclear Fusion Journal Prize for his development of a theoretical physics model that will ultimately enable engineers to design the wall for a vessel containing fuel used in nuclear fusion to generate electricity.

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17 November 2015 News Story

UN General Assembly Resolution Recognizes the IAEA’s Work in Development, Nuclear Safety and Non-Proliferation

The United Nations 70th General Assembly today adopted a resolution that recognizes the importance of the IAEA’s work and supports its indispensable role “in encouraging and assisting the development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses” as well as in transferring technology to developing countries and ensuring nuclear safety, security and verification.

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Research Reactors
13 November 2015 News Story

Improving the Safe and Efficient Use of Research Reactors: IAEA Conference to Address Challenges and Ways Forward

Over 300 participants at the largest international conference on research reactors ever held will discuss progress in the development of advanced and next generation research reactors, and compare operational best practices from some of the 246 research reactors around the world.

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Yukiya Amano
13 November 2015 News Story

Sticking to its Technical Mandate, IAEA Retains Confidence on Iran Nuclear Issue: Director General Amano

Thanks to its technical competence and unique experience in the implementation of safeguards, the IAEA has contributed significantly to the ongoing process to resolve the Iran nuclear issue, Director General Yukiya Amano said in Brussels this week.

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12 November 2015 Press Release

Fourth IAEA Mission to Collect Marine Samples in Fukushima Prefecture

Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency will visit Japan from 17 to 20 November 2015 to collect water and fish samples from coastal waters in Fukushima Prefecture to support the quality assurance of radioactivity data collection and analysis by the responsible authorities in Japan.

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Director General Yukiya Amano


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