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IAEA-supported experts attend and participate in MAM conference

13 June 2014 

For four days, health professionals, students, policymakers, and researchers engaged in passionate debate and dialogue as part of the IAEA International Symposium on Understanding Moderate Malnutrition in Children for Effective Interventions. The conference, which was held in the IAEA’s Vienna headquarters from 26-29 May, brought together participants from 65 countries to reflect on challenges and solutions in the field of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). From determining the best breastfeeding habits to crafting national policies, a range of emerging and ongoing subjects were addressed by the symposium’s 350 attendees.

Among those attendees were three nutrition experts whose travel expenses to the conference, and in some cases research and equipment, were provided by the IAEA. Those experts are Bee Suan Wee of Malaysia; Nadine Koulibali of Burkina Faso; and Dora Inés Mazariegos Cordero of Guatemala. We asked them about their work and the relevance of the MAM symposium—click on the video below to hear their answers.

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