Safeguards Mission


Mission Statement As the verification arm of the IAEA, the Department of Safeguard's primary role is to deter the proliferation of nuclear weapons by detecting early the misuse of nuclear material or technology, and by providing credible assurances that States are honouring their safeguards obligations. The Department also contributes to nuclear arms control and disarmament, by responding to requests for verification and other technical assistance associated with related agreements and arrangements.

Strategic Plan: To prepare for the future and deliver the IAEA’s verification services more effectively and efficiently,  the Department of Safeguards has prepared a Long-Term Strategic Plan for 2012-2023.

Long‐Term Strategic Plan (2012‐2023) Summary

The Long-Term Strategic Plan (2012-2023) is currently being reviewed and will be updated shortly to reflect developments since its publication in 2012.

Mission & Structure The Department of Safeguards has six Divisions, including three Operations Divisions, that implement verification activities around the world.
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The Safeguards System of the IAEA The safeguards system comprises measures by which the IAEA independently verifies the declarations made by States about their nuclear material and activities. These measures are implemented under various types of agreements and protocols.
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Additional Publications A range of publications on various aspects of the IAEA safeguards system in the context of the world's nuclear non-proliferation regime.
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