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The Texts of the Instruments Connected with the Agency's Assistance to Romania in Furthering Projects By the Supply of Materials


The texts of the Master Agreement between the Agency and the Government of Romania, and of Supplementary Agreement No. 1 thereto, in connection with the Agency's assistance to that Government in furthering projects by the supply of materials, are reproduced for the information of all Members...

Revisions and Addendums


24 April 1973
Suspension of the application of safeguards under the Master Agreement...
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6 February 1970
Second and Third Supplementary Agreements...
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7 November 1975
The Agreement entered into force on 26 September 1973 pursuant to Article IV, and the text is reproduced herein for the information of all Members.
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1 January 1981
Fifth and Sixth Supplementary Agreements...
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