Fuel Modelling Exercises for Coated Particle Fuel for Advanced Reactors Including Small Modular Reactors

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Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

6 September 2023


Active - Ongoing

Start Date

31 May 2024

Expected End Date

31 May 2029


The main purpose of this new Coordinated Research Project (CRP) is to support interested IAEA Member States in their efforts to enhance advanced modelling / simulation of TRISO fuel performance, improving the fundamental understanding of key TRISO fuel properties and radiation effects on the TRISO fuel properties in high-radiation environment, to deploy GEN-IV, SMR and MMR reactors which use TRISO- coated particle fuels.
The CRP will bring together specialists from IAEA MSs implementing active programmes in Generation-IV, SMR and MMR reactors that use TRISO- coated particle fuels, to share their national efforts.
The CRP will fill the gap in material properties used in fuel performance modelling and will contribute to the effective dissemination of knowledge and experience on the TRISO fuel performance analysis codes.
The main focus areas for this CRP are:
- To improve knowledge and fill the gaps of key TRISO fuel properties for codes development (diffusivities, creep, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, SiC strength) with:-         New data (new experiments and/or data generated by multiscale modelling),
-         Experiments or other means such as multiscale modelling to obtain data to provide input to the codes,
-         Introduction of all important TRISO particle failure modes into fuel performance codes that will be used for the validation of TRISO fuel experiment;

- To gather the operating and transient envelopes for HTGRs for potential new measurements of fuel properties and new calculations;
- To develop the list of the FPs that are of importance to the selective criteria (e.g., highest yield, toxicity) to model their transport and release for licensing purposes, and methodology to define the importance of each FP;
- To develop a database based on existing experimental data and new dataset collection to validate codes;
- Code benchmark exercises, uncertainties propagation.


To support MSs in their efforts to enhance advanced modelling /simulation of TRISO fuel performance and improve the fundamental understanding of key TRISO fuel properties.

Specific objectives

To strengthen international collaboration by bringing together experts to better utilize national R&D efforts:
• To promote the sharing of irradiation data from HTR TRISO experiments, and associated post-irradiation examinations;
• To optimize the use of available experimental data;
• To identify methodologies for measurement / obtaining of material properties relevant to fuel performance modelling.

To perform simulations of acquired datasets, using various fuel performance codes
• To compare, analyse and share simulation results among participants, including recommendations on fuel performance codes enhancement.

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