Advancing Radiation Detection Equipment for Detecting Nuclear and Other Radioactive out of Material Out of Regulatory Control

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

30 September 2016


Active - Ongoing

Start Date

28 April 2017

Expected End Date

27 May 2022

Completed Date

20 February 2023

Participating Countries

Burkina Faso
Russian Federation
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam


The current state of radiation detection instruments and systems used to detect illicit trafficking in nuclear or other radioactive material is inadequate to meet the nuclear security needs of the Member States.  Research under this CRP will assist in advancing design attributes, communication means, operational conditions, and sustainability elements related to radiation detection instruments and methods.  The advances will be supported by research and development on current detector materials to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of systems through improved or alternative detection and identification algorithms, improved understanding of equipment performance and recommendations for more effective use or design, improved designs for networking and information communication, improved alert and alarm mechanisms and displays, and recommendations on functional, test, and technical specifications for detection systems. The CRP will involve detection systems for use at both designated and undesignated points of entry. 


The goal of the CRP is to develop technical documents, hardware designs and software, training materials and approaches, and information tools for radiation detection instrument improvements that can be used by Member States to effectively implement and sustain nuclear security detection architectures and the systems used for detecting nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control.

Specific objectives

Form technical documents on recommendations for networking of systems and attributes of information that should be available and share between national and international stakeholders with methods of communication.

Development of improved technical designs, tools, and understanding of radiation detection equipment and specifications for improved performance.

Development and testing of new approaches for instrument design and application including improved radionuclide libraries and detection functionality.

Development of detection equipment lifecycle cost estimating tools and technical guidance on repair and replacement of radiation detection system hardware.

Development of software tools that can analyse the performance of radiation detection systems.

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