Examining the Techno-Economics of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Benchmark Analysis of the IAEA HEEP Software

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

8 September 2011

Start Date

12 September 2012

Expected End Date

31 December 2015

Completed Date

11 March 2016


The global energy demand keeps increasing especially in countries with strong growth rates in their economy and population, e.g. in China and India. This demand has been met so far primarily by burning fossil fuel with its negative environmental impact and limited resources.  Hydrogen as new energy carrier may in the longer term replace fossil fuel in some industrial processes and, in particular for transportation. The use of nuclear energy for commercial, large scale, carbon-free hydrogen production is expected to play a major role in the future. The Nuclear Power Technology Development Section (NPTDS) of the Division of Nuclear Power has developed the Hydrogen Economic Evaluation Programme HEEP, which is a computer software that allows analysing various options for a future techno-economics aspects of hydrogen production. Being the first-of-a kind, HEEP needs to be benchmarked for various scenarios of hydrogen production and distribution.  The CRP has been planned based on feedback from many participants in technical meetings on hydrogen production, and will be conducted by the  Nuclear Power Technology Development Section.


The overall objective of the CRP is to validate the HEEP software through benchmarking exercises and promotion of international collaboration among IAEA Member States, and assess techno-economic aspects of hydrogen production based on country's specific details.

Specific objectives

Assessment of various hydrogen production technologies and examine the aspects of nuclear hydrogen production

Development of integrated nuclear power plants hydrogen generation plants for HEEP platform

Validation of HEEP through benchmarking and comparisons with similar available tools


Positive impact of the CRP has been experienced through the collaborative work and meetings with the participating Member States’ representatives. Clear identification of the promising technologies for nuclear hydrogen production was provided. Improvement of HEEP as techno-economic assessment tool of this technology was achieved. HEEP becomes indeed as a handy user friendly and accurate tool for the economic assessment of hydrogen production using various energy options and hydrogen production processes. As a result, HEEP is becoming a well recognized tool for hydrogen economic assessment including storage and transportation of hydrogen. Positive recommendations and feedback were collected, analysed and implemented.


This CRP provides a solid step in the demonstration of nuclear hydrogen production and provide support to Member States interested in development and deployment of nuclear hydrogen production projects.

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