Advanced Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Techniques Used for Health Monitoring of Systems, Structures, and Components in Nuclear Power Plants

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

21 September 2007


4 - Closed

Start Date

1 April 2008

Expected End Date

31 March 2011

Completed Date

8 February 2012

Participating Countries

Czech Republic
Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America


This document presents a proposal for a Co-ordinated Research Programme on Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics (SDP) techniques and systems applicable to both existing and future nuclear power plants (NPPs). This proposal identifies, and plans to complete, research required in the fields of on-line monitoring, diagnostics, and performance prediction including data acquisition, processing and analysis techniques, integration, overall system operation and maintenance. Emphasis is given to (1) increased SDP needs in existing NPPs arising from power uprates and license renewals and (2) built-in SDP capabilities in new NPP designs. The technical subject of the CRP was identified by the IAEA Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Control and Instrumentation (TWG-NPPCI) as an area of high importance,. Many members of the TWG-NPPCI are potential contributors and reviewers of the proposed CRP.


The overall objectives of the CRP were:
• To develop and demonstrate the use of advanced surveillance, diagnostics, and prognostics techniques that can be installed and used for health monitoring of systems, structures and components in nuclear power plants.
• To strengthen Member States’ capabilities for optimization of nuclear power plants performance and service life by means of improved understanding of the related engineering and management areas.

Specific objectives

The specific objective of this CRP was to define and coordinate research to support the development of new surveillance, diagnostic, and prognostic (SDP) techniques for monitoring SSCs function and integrity in nuclear power plants. Based on this primary objective, there were several sub-categories under which the research activities had been classified. The major sub-categories were:
• Reactor and signal noise analysis
• Acoustic and vibration monitoring
• Prognostics and structural material integrity
• Instrument and equipment condition monitoring


Results obtained within the framework of this CRP represent a significant contribution towards addressing and summarizing current scientific and technical knowledge and experience in the surveillance, diagnostic, and prognostic area. The CRP has involved a large number of participating individuals and facilitated the establishment of a good collaboration among them. The possibilities of this cooperation enabled good information exchange on ideas, technical knowledge and experience as well as new scientific solutions. Participants have experienced a great international recognition of their work within the project and in the broader scientific community.


In general the activities carried out are relevant to the Agency project on support for design, operation, maintenance, and plant life management for safe long term operation under Sub-programme 1.1.1. Outputs of the CRP can also be used in many related national and regional TC projects. This includes the use of the main CRP report and attached information as workshop/training materials. CRP participants are also potential lecturers and experts at future TC workshops and expert missions.


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