Nuclear Data Needs for Basic Sciences and Applications

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Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

3 May 2023


Active - Ongoing

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23 June 2023

Expected End Date

1 August 2028

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This CRP is organized to address specific needs for improved nuclear data as identified by international experts. Nuclear structure and decay data, reaction cross section data, fission decay parameters and other properties characterizing the interaction of ions with matter, are important parameters that need to be quantified with high confidence for a range of energy and non-energy applications such as nuclear power-related applications, criticality safety, reprocessing and waste management, nonproliferation, nuclear medicine and production of medical radioisotopes, environmental monitoring, materials analysis, and cultural heritage. A primary goal of this CRP is to incorporate the most recently measured data into the proposed compilations and evaluations. New and improved data files, software, databases, and data libraries will be produced and made available online to the MS.


Production of improved compiled and recommended data files of direct applications in nuclear facilities, waste management, nonproliferation, nuclear medicine, environmental monitoring, materials sciences, cultural heritage, and basic sciences.

Specific objectives

Produce improved nuclear structure and decay data in the form of mass-chain evaluations or decay data sets for specific radionuclides for the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File and the IAEA-NDS data libraries.

Improve reaction data evaluations within the International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network (INDEN) for inclusion in the Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries (ENDF) and IAEA-NDS data libraries.

Improve the characterization of nuclear properties used as reference input parameters in the modelling of nuclear reactions for inclusion in the IAEA-NDS databases.

Improve compilations and assessments of data characterizing the interaction of nuclei(ions) with matter for inclusion in the IAEA-NDS databases.

Undertake new targeted experiments aimed at improving the input data for evaluations and/or contributing to the validation of on-going or existing nuclear data libraries.

Improve evaluation and dissemination tools.

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