Updating and Improving Nuclear Level Densities for Applications

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Coordinated Research Project

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20 March 2024


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Nuclear level densities are important ingredients in the statistical model of nuclear reactions which describes the excitation of the nucleus at temperatures and energies beyond the low-lying discrete levels. They are essential for theoretical calculations and evaluations of nuclear reaction cross sections used in basic nuclear science and various applications like nuclear fission and fusion energy technologies, criticality safety, reprocessing and waste management, nonproliferation, nuclear medicine and production of medical radioisotopes, and radiation protection. A primary goal of this CRP is to incorporate the most recently measured nuclear-level density data into compilations, modelling and evaluations leading to credible and quality assured recommendations. The compiled data and recommended parameters will be accessible online through a user-friendly platform, allowing easy access for scientists and researchers. 


Provide enhanced nuclear level densities for direct use in theoretical modelling and evaluations of nuclear reaction cross. These are essential for various applications, including energy production, criticality safety, reprocessing, waste management, nonproliferation, nuclear medicine, production of medical radioisotopes and radiation protection, as well as for scientific research.

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