Understanding Hydrological Processes in Glacierized Catchments under Changing Climate using Isotope-Based Methodologies

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20 March 2024


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Glaciers play a crucial role in maintaining water resources, especially in regions where they act as a primary source of freshwater that is a key factor of well-being as recognized in Sustainable Development Goals 6 (SDG6). Glacierized catchments, where glaciers are a part of the local or regional hydrological cycles, are highly sensitive to the hydroclimate changes, and complex interactions between glaciers, glacier melt, surface, and groundwater resources remain largely unknown. Isotope analyses can fill this gap and provide valuable insights into the origin and proportion of glacial meltwater in river and groundwater systems and can help to assess the downstream water availability. The CRP contributes to a greater understanding of the current and future status of water resources in glacierized catchments using isotope-based methodologies. The project will put forward an innovative multi-isotope approach to estimate water components and their age in glacierized catchments that will contextualize the recharge capabilities of local and regional hydrological systems. The determination of water age and mixing processes in glacierized catchments will provide insights into the vulnerability of individual regions to changes in the cryosphere and the prospective ability of satisfying future water demand from the cryosphere. Differentiating inputs from water sources in the hydrological cycle allows for delineating the relative contribution of water sources within catchments and improves future water resource planning and prediction capabilities for downstream shareholders.


To support Member States to develop and apply isotope-based methodologies to improve water resource management in glacierized catchments under changing climate. This will be implemented for the characterization of hydrological processes in glacierized catchments related to changing contributions from snow, glacier ice, and sub-surface ice as water resources.

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