Sharing and Developing Protocols to Further Minimize Radioactive Gaseous Releases to the Environment in the Manufacture of Medical Radioisotopes, as Good Manufacturing Practice

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Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

12 September 2014

Start Date

12 May 2015

Expected End Date

11 May 2018

Completed Date

24 November 2020


This CRP will identify and present solutions to important technical issues related to the radioactive gaseous emissions from current and possible future medical isotope production facilities. This CRP will build on international work already completed to study how these emissions affect the environment and the public health, as well as the monitoring for nuclear explosions, and to develop a plan to keep gaseous emissions at medical radioisotope production facilities below a desired target. The objectives of this CRP are to: (1) foster collaboration between current and potential future producers of medical radioisotopes, such as molybdenum-99 and iodine-131, from the fission of uranium; (2) determine internationally accepted targets for selected radioactive gaseous emissions; (3) produce a summary of the factors which most significantly affect such emissions; and (4) determine methods which can be utilized to reduce emissions to the determined level.

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