Production and Quality Control of Ac-225 Radiopharmaceuticals

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Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

20 October 2021


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TAT recently showed encouraging clinical results that stimulate significant attention from the research community, clinicians and professional societies. However, the main limitation for the wide application of TAT is the availability of suitable radionuclides as well as approved guidelines and protocols for production and quality control of these radiopharmaceuticals. Due to the advances in the preparation and clinical application of alpha-emitter radiopharmaceuticals, esp. Ac-225, Member States have requested International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to assist with capacity building and technology transfer for the development, production, and quality control of this new generation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Specific objectives

Quality control and quality assurance of alpha-emitter radioisotope (i.e. Ac-225) received from various sources

Production of alpha-emitter radiopharmaceuticals with focus on Ac-225 (small molecules, peptides, antibodies, etc.)

Quality control of alpha-emitter radiopharmaceuticals with focus on Ac-225 from various aspects

Preclinical studies on the final alpha-emitter radiopharmaceuticals with focus on Ac-225 including dosimetry, stability, cell studies, animal studies, possible side effects etc.

Preparation and formulation of appropriate protocols and guidelines accessible for all IAEA Member States

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