Doctoral CRP on Advances in Radiotherapy Techniques

Closed for proposals

Project Type

Coordinated Research Project

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Approved Date

4 December 2018


3 - Active - Ongoing

Start Date

12 September 2019

Expected End Date

11 September 2024

Participating Countries

Trinidad and Tobago
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Viet Nam


•Medical physicists trained to PhD level in Member States

•Increased implementation of advanced radiotherapy techniques in Member States

•Publications in the field of medical physics of advanced radiotherapy for the benefit of all Member States


The training of specialized medical physicists, through this specific Ph.D. programme, will allow Member States to implement, expand and enhance radiotherapy techniques. This will directly benefit both the level of clinical services and the clinical research potential of the Member States.
Ph.D. candidates under the guidance of a local supervisor and a remote mentor will be involved in research, associated with the enhancement, development and implementation of advanced radiotherapy techniques. For the purpose of ensuring that the research projects are of interest to the local clinical institution and the host nations, these projects are selected on the basis of their potential to generate achievable short-term outputs and long-term outcomes. It is recommended that the topics to be considered should be population specific, technique specific and disease specific issues for the MS.

Specific objectives

Based on these recommendations, a list of potential research topics has been compiled, but host institutions are also encouraged to submit their own topics. All proposals will be given equal consideration.
The possible research topics include, but are not limited to; 1. Advanced IGRT tools:
Biological and functional imaging,
Treatment adaptation,
Outcome modelling including hypofractionation,
Deformable image registration.
2. Motion management and margins:
Assessment of online and offline protocols,
Measurement of setup errors for immobilization,
Assessment and correction of issues related to 4DCT, Breath-hold, etc.,
Gated cone-beam CT,
MLC or couch tracking implementation and accuracy.
3. National dosimetry audits for advanced radiotherapy technologies:
Comparison and approaches in:
MR in radiotherapy:
MR-only for treatment planning and setup,
QA of MR for radiotherapy.
4. Advanced dosimetry and modelling:
Small field dosimetry and modelling in TPS,
Dynamic small field dosimetry (plan class specific reference field).
5. Individualized patient QA:
In-vivo dosimetry,
Linac log files and independent 3D dosimetry,
EPID-based QA,
Chart and plan checks.
6. Automation:
Plan QA,
Treatment planning,
Equipment QA,
Tissue segmentation,
Data analysis:
Big Data,
Machine learning,
Deep learning,
Artificial intelligence,
Development of bias-free plan comparison strategies,
Optimization algorithms (e.g., multi-criteria),
Spatial-Temporal treatment plan optimization.
7. Quality and Safety:
Hazard identification and assessment,
Safety modelling,
Process control techniques,

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