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The IAEA offers a wide spectrum of learning and training activities, as well as educational resources and capacity-building programmes. These include face-to-face training courses and workshops, fellowship programmes and schools on various nuclear-related topics. The IAEA also offers more than 120 online learning courses and webinars, from beginner to expert level, which can be accessed after registering with the Agency’s Nucleus portal (registration and login accessible when choosing a specific online course).


A concise introduction to the Safeguards Legal Framework

Safeguards Microlearning series:States undertake to accept safeguards on the basis of international treaties that make up the legal framework for IAEA safeguards, including the IAEA Statute and safeguards agreements between States and the IAEA.


A short history of IAEA Safeguards

Safeguards Microlearning series:Join us on a journey through time, which was first presented at the IAEA Safeguards Symposium 2022.


Basic concepts: Nuclear material accounting in facilities

The eLearning modules presented in this course cover basic concepts in nuclear material accounting (NMA) for facilities, LOF’s and Pre-34C material balance areas.   After completing these modules you will be able to correctly fill an Inventory Change Report, Physical Inventory Listing and a Mater


Basic Training Course on IAEA Safeguards

Course Objective:The objective of this online training course is to provide you with a basic understanding of IAEA Safeguards  and give you an overview of the resources that are available for States to strengthen the safeguards implementation in their countries. First released in September 2020.A


Conceptos básicos: Contabilidad de materiales nucleares en instalaciones

Los módulos de aprendizaje electrónico que se presentan en esta página cubren los conceptos básicos de la contabilidad de materiales nucleares (NMA) para instalaciones, lugares fuera de las instalaciones (LOF) y áreas de balance de materiales anteriores a 34C.


Design Information

Course Objective:Are you interested in learning more about Design Information?


Everything you need to know about ISSAS!

Course Objective:The objective of this online module is to be informational and introduce the IAEA Safeguards and SSAC Advisory Service (ISSAS), which benefits they bring for Member States and which topics can be covered during the mission.


How to use the FLIR identiFINDER 2 for Safeguards Verification

Course Objective:What is a FLIR identiFINDER 2?Enter this module to find out more about the technology IAEA inspectors use to detect and identify radioactive and nuclear material. First released in January 2022, updated videos with French and Russian subtitles in June 2022 and Spanish since Augus


IAEA safeguards under nuclear-weapon-free zone treaties

Safeguards Microlearning series:Several groups of countries established regional nuclear-weapon-free zones (NWFZs) before and after the entry into force of the NPT. The regional treaties establishing NWFZs, similarly to the NPT, create safeguards obligations for their State Parties.


Learn by watching Safeguards videos!

Enter this resource to find the video library for Safeguards. It includes videos which are part of online courses as well as a Safeguards YouTube Playlist and videos by Member States.


Nuclear Trade: Export Controls

Course Objective:Ever wondered how nuclear trade export controls work?


Protocol Reporter 3

Course Objective:The Protocol Reporter version 3 (PR3) is a computer software programme developed and provided by the IAEA, that facilitates the preparation by Member States of declarations pursuant to Article 2 and 3 of the Protocol Additional to Safeguards Agreements (Additional Protocol or AP)

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