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New Year, Fresh Look: ARCAL Launches a New Website

The new ARCAL website.

The Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL) and its Member States have launched a new website recently, where visitors can learn more about the Regional Cooperation Agreement and its activities.

The website is hosted by the Argentinian Atomic Energy Commission, the institution responsible for coordination of ARCAL at the national level. The new site is user-friendly and appealing, with many helpful features and a style which reflects the ARCAL corporate image.

The main page contains a news carousel that provides updated information on ongoing IAEA technical cooperation projects and activities, and general information about the Agreement. Other functions include a search engine and a platform for members, which will be activated in the near future. The website is now also suitable for mobile users.

The projects proposed by ARCAL and implemented under the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme can be found organized by thematic area. Information is provided on the expected outcome of each project, together with details of the counterpart, and a technical summary.

Documentation relevant to ARCAL have been grouped by topic: reports, meetings, institutional, and a specific section related to ARCAL´s communication strategies and structure.

In the future the website will also be available in English, with a special section for the press.

The new ARCAL website can be visited at:



ARCAL is an Agreement between most IAEA Member States in the Latin America and the Caribbean region for technical and economic cooperation to promote the use of nuclear techniques for peace and development. The ARCAL Agreement provides a framework for Member State collaboration with the support of the IAEA and other international sources of cooperation. The Agreement addresses key development priorities in the region, focusing on pressing needs related to food security, human health, environment, energy, radiation technology and radiological safety.

ARCAL was established in 1984, and was made a formal inter-governmental agreement in 1998.


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