The Peaceful Uses Initiative is fully reliant on extra-budgetary contributions and has no impact on the IAEA’s regular budget or other activities. It is a supplementary mechanism to the Technical Cooperation Fund and has allowed the IAEA to be more flexible and quicker in responding to shifting priorities of Member States, as well as to unexpected needs or unforeseen emergency events.

Over €100 million in financial contributions have been received from 24 Member States and the European Commission, in support of more than 194 projects that benefit more than 151 Member States. 

Contributing Member States

  State of Kuwait

  Czech Republic            

  Republic of Korea


  New Zealand



  Ireland            Switzerland

  Israel              United Kingdom

Japan              United States of America
  Kazakhstan  Canada
  Malaysia  Thailand
  Turkey  Belgium


Other Donors

  European Commision


  1. Employment
  2. Women
  3. Press

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