Nuclear Technology for the Sustainable Development Goals

Vol. 57-3

September 2016

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin highlights some of the ways in which the IAEA fulfils its “Atoms for Peace and Development” mandate and assists countries in achieving the SDGs. 

Building a sustainable future: atoms for peace and development

The Sustainable Development Goals and the IAEA

Cancer control in Tunisia: changing perceptions and improving access to care

3D radiotherapy increases effectiveness and safety of cancer treatment in Tanzania

How a nuclear technique helped save the Western Cape’s orange industry

Thai scientists use nuclear technology to fight the double burden of malnutrition

How the IAEA assists newcomer countries in building their way to sustainable energy

Nuclear energy for the future

How nuclear technology helps Sudanese women make the most of their land

Managing water resources: Bolivia uncovers aquifer’s secrets with nuclear technology

Partnerships and atoms for peace and development

Scientists join forces to study soil to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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