Vol. 60-1

April 2019

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin covers the use of nuclear techniques in the field of isotope hydrology and the work of the IAEA to make these techniques available to our Member States. It provides an overview of the science and showcases countries where our combined efforts are making a difference. 

Understanding the world’s water resources

Isotope hydrology: an overview

Argentina applies isotopic techniques to water

Save every drop: isotope hydrology techniques improve Kuwait’s water management

Water in Philippine city safe to drink, study finds

Isotopes help trace the origin of urban water pollution in Mauritius

Using isotopic techniques to map and analyse groundwater resources in the Sahel

The Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation

Manage your water budget with the help of the tritium/helium-3 technique

Fracking: how isotope hydrology can support environmental assessments to help protect groundwater

Looking into the future of water resources and the impact of climate change

Making the grade

IAEA tests how well laboratories analyse water

Managing urban water: the role of isotope hydrology and what the Cape Town water crisis taught us

Isotope mapping of groundwater pollution and renewal

New safeguards tool bolsters IAEA’s verification of spent nuclear fuel

Siting and site evaluation for nuclear power plants in focus at IAEA workshop in Uzbekistan

How nuclear techniques help feed China

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