Protecting Our Marine Environment

Vol. 54-3

September 2013

The September 2013 IAEA Bulletin issue is published in conjunction with the 2013 IAEA Scientific Forum, entitled The Blue Planet — Nuclear Applications for a Sustainable Marine Environment. The Scientific Forum focuses on the IAEA’s work with Member States and international partners in monitoring and evaluating the challenges facing our oceans, and in seeking solutions. Scientists at the IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco study biological processes to understand how marine organisms react to acidification and warming. They use isotopes to track the sources of pollution and its dispersion. The IAEA trains researchers from developing countries to use nuclear techniques to monitor pressures on the marine environment. It makes available precise and cost-effective tools to help both developed and developing countries to acquire the data needed to adapt strategies that mitigate pressures on the oceans.

Protecting Our Marine Environment

An Advocate for Ocean Protection

Healthy Ocean, Happy Planet

Radiotracers: Essential Nuclear Tools to Understand Oceans

Our Changing Oceans: All About Ocean Acidification

Wake-Up Call: IAEA Promotes Global Action on Ocean Acidification

Building Partnerships to Protect the Ocean: IAEA Collaborates with International Organizations

IAEA Capacity Building in Nuclear Techniques for Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the Marine Environment in Cuba

Facts About Oceans

What the Oceans Give Us

Pollution Effects on Oceans and Marine Life

IAEA Monitors Marine Radioactivity

Between Sea and Earth: Protecting an Essential Buffer

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