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Technical Guidance

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Chinese, Simplified STI/PUB/1786 978-92-0-103017-7
47 38.00 2019

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IAEA Nuclear Security, Nuclear Industry, Security Measures, Material Accountability, Nuclear Facilities, Radioactive Substances, Containment, Control Measures, Use, Storage, On Site Movement, Technical Measures, Graded Approach, Nuclear Security Systems, Competent Authority, NMAC, Nuclear Material Accounting and Control, TID, Tamper Indicating Devices, Surveillance, Monitoring, Facility Level, Knowledge, Removal, Misuse, Production, Processing, Shipment, Receipt, Transfer, Relocation, Response, Irregularities, Investigation, Corrective Actions, Reporting, Evaluation, Interface, Physical Protection, Item Monitoring, Statistics, Calculation, SRD, Shipper-Receiver Difference, Inventory, Continuity of Knowledge, Checks and Balances, Custodian

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