Atoms for Peace and Development

Vol. 59-1

March 2018

The Atoms for Peace and Development motto summarises the IAEA's mission, which is to ensure that nuclear technology is used only for peaceful purposes and to help Member States use this remarkable technology to improve the well-being and prosperity of their people. Transferring nuclear technology to developing countries is core IAEA business and one of the most important areas of our work. This edition of the IAEA Bulletin features a selection of such stories about the many ways in which the IAEA works to improve the lives of people throughout the world through the use of peaceful nuclear technology. 


Atoms for Peace and Development: working towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Fighting climate change: Rice variety developed with nuclear techniques expands in Indonesia

Nuclear technique helps Dominican Republic eradicate insect pest and resume fruit and vegetable exports

Lesotho now better prepared to fight animal and zoonotic diseases

Costa Rica paves the way for climate-smart agriculture

Namibia enlists the IAEA to help study its marine ecosystem supporting key fisheries

How to win the fight against soil erosion: saving fertile land and preserving water quality with the help of nuclear techniques

Upgrading radiotherapy services in Moldova

After a natural disaster, nuclear technology helps with recovery

Introduction of nuclear power in Bangladesh underway with IAEA assistance

Radiation processing enables small businesses to enter global value chains in Malaysia

Inside the SESAME International Research Centre

What is the Peaceful Uses Initiative?

IAEA laboratory modernization efforts continue to progress

Experts emphasise importance of multidisciplinary approaches involving nuclear techniques at World Cancer Day event

$600k OPEC-fund grant to promote use of nuclear techniques for improved food security and sustainable agriculture

Strategic management of new and expanding nuclear power programmes discussed at annual meeting

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