Nuclear Science & Technology: Addressing current and emerging development challenges

Vol. 59-4

November 2018

The IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology: Addressing Current and Emerging Development Challenges in November 2018 is part of our continuing efforts to bring together leading thinkers and decision-makers to assess the state of play today and consider what the future might bring.  In this edition of the IAEA Bulletin, you can gain an insight into some of the innovative ways in which nuclear science and technology are being used throughout the world. 

Advancing toward a sustainable future with nuclear science and technology

Killing more cancer cells than ever before: a new era in radiotherapy

A health policy with atomic precision in Mauritius

X-rays help to uncover who painted a centuries-old masterpiece in Albania

Fertilizer and an atomic balancing act to increase productivity and protect the environment

Jeopardy at sea: what atoms in clams tell us about ocean acidification

Nuclear technology for combating climate change

Outcomes of the 2018 IAEA Scientific Forum

Young Philippine chemist finds missing environmental data by turning to nuclear science

Toward closing the gender gap in nuclear science

Overcoming the Innovation Paradox and how the IAEA can help

Q&A with the World Bank Chief Economist for Equitable Growth

Nuclear science & technology: towards the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development in Malaysia

Answering the call of a changing world: nuclear technology today and in the future

Winners of the IAEA crowdsourcing challenge for materials for fusion technology announced

IAEA neutron activation e-learning course helps scientists in 40 countries

Egypt and Senegal receive gamma detectors to help combat soil erosion

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