Nuclear Technology for Climate: mitigation, monitoring and adaptation

Vol. 59-3

September 2018

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin highlights how the IAEA is committed to helping countries make optimal use of nuclear science and technology to protect the environment and help combat climate change.

Addressing climate change with the help of nuclear science

The IAEA and climate change: adaptation, monitoring and mitigation

The IAEA supports Member States in the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change

Finland eyes nuclear power to hit climate targets

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture with the help of nuclear techniques

Harmful algal blooms: nuclear techniques help reduce toxicity, prevent health impact

How climate change affects water resources in Costa Rica

Using cosmic rays to measure moisture levels in soil

Philippines: radiation-processed seaweed increases typhoon resistance of rice

New mutant cowpea variety helps Zimbabwe’s farmers in drought prone areas

Drip irrigation explained

The role of nuclear techniques in climate-smart agriculture

The role of nuclear energy in meeting the Paris Agreement climate targets

Institutional donors from three countries contribute to IAEA laboratory modernization

Tackling childhood obesity in Europe with the help of nuclear techniques: IAEA symposium at the European Congress on Obesity

IAEA guidance on managing disused radioactive sources now available

At IAEA meeting, nuclear power newcomer and operating Member States discuss funding for waste management and decommissioning

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