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Reglamento para el transporte seguro de materiales radiactivos Edición de 1996 (Revisada)

Safety Requirements

Spanish Edition
TS-R-1 (ST-1, Rev.)
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Spanish STI/PUB/1098 92-0-310602-2
236 7 14.50 2002

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The objective of these regulations is to protect persons, property and the environment from the effects of radiation during the transport of radioactive material. These regulations apply to the transport of radioactive material by all modes on land, on water or in the air, including transport that is incidental to the use of the radioactive material. Transport comprises all operations and conditions associated with and involved in the movement of radioactive material outside of an establishment which is subject to appropriate safety regulations in force in the establishment and where the movement does not involve public roads or railways; these include the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of packaging, and the preparation, consigning, loading, carriage including in-transit storage, unloading and receipt at the final destination of loads of radioactive material and packages.

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