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Medidas de la entidad explotadora (concesionario de la licencia) para casos de emergencia en centrales nucleares


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Spanish STI/PUB/618 92-0-823482-7
14.00 1982


This guide outlines, for accidents at nuclear power plants, the principal elements in devising and implementing emergency plans so that actions in conjunction with national, regional and local government and other organizations ensure an orderly and timely decision making process and availability of essential personnel, equipment, supplies and services to limit the consequences of the emergency on the public.
Contents: Introduction; Basis and content of the operating organization emergency plan; Emergency conditions; Organization for emergencies; Emergency facilities; Emergency measures; Aid to affected personnel; Termination of emergency; Maintaining emergency preparedness; Records; Annex I: Emergency plan implementing procedures; Annex II: Example of functional emergency organization on site; Annex III: Example of types of emergency equipment in the control room; Annex IV: Example of Emergency Control Centre equipment; Annex V: Example of types of emergency equipment stored on site; Annex VI: Example of logic diagram of site emergency arrangements; Annex VII: Use of stable iodine tablets for thyroid protection; Annex VIII: Example of types of emergency medical supplies available at the plant; Annex IX: Emergency kit and ambulance supplies; Annex X: Contamination control in transportation of casualties.

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