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Radiological Crime Scene Management

Implementing Guide

Spanish Edition

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Also available in:
Spanish STI/PUB/1672 978-92-0-306917-5
107 25 48.00 2019

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Radiological crime scene management is the process used to ensure safe, secure, effective and efficient operations at a crime scene where nuclear or other radioactive materials are known, or suspected, to be present. Managing a radiological crime scene is a key part of responding to a nuclear security event. Evidence collection at radiological crime scenes may share a wide range of characteristics with that at conventional crime scenes, such as evidence search patterns, geographical scene modelling and evidence recording, whether or not explosives are involved. This publication focuses on the framework and functional elements for managing a radiological crime scene that are distinct from any other crime scene. It assumes that States have a capability for managing conventional crime scenes.


IAEA Nuclear Security, Physical Protection of Radioactive Material, Radioactive Substances, Detection, Security Measures, Crime Scenes, Forensic Sciences, Functional Elements, Crime Scene Management, Nuclear Security Event, Control, Personnel, Preparedness, Evidence Collection, Nuclear Forensics, Perimeter Security, International Cooperation

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