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Security of Nuclear Information

Implementing Guide

Spanish Edition

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Spanish STI/PUB/1677 978-92-0-305417-1
62 30.00 2018

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This publication provides guidance on implementing the principle of confidentiality and on the broader aspects of information security (i.e. integrity and availability). It assists States in bridging the gap between existing government and industry standards on information security, the particular concepts and considerations that apply to nuclear security and the special provisions and conditions that exist when dealing with nuclear material and other radioactive material. Specifically it seeks to assist States in the identification, classification, and assignment of appropriate security controls to information that could adversely impact nuclear security if compromised.

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IAEA Nuclear Security, Nuclear and Radiological Safety, Nuclear Industry, Security Measures, Nuclear Facilities, Computer Security, Security Systems, Confidential Communications, Information Security, Prevention, Radioactive Material, Standards, Sensitive Information, Security Policy

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