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Manual of Good Practice in Food Irradiation

Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Other Applications

Spanish Edition

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Spanish STI/DOC/010/481 978-92-0-306116-2
91 24 48.00 2017

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Ensuring that the process of irradiating food delivers the desired result consistently is essential for the correct application of the technology and will help to inspire consumer confidence in irradiated food. This publication aims to help operators of irradiation facilities to appreciate and improve their practices and also to provide detailed, yet straightforward, technical information for stakeholders such as food regulators, manufacturers and traders, who also need to understand ‘good practice’.

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Food Irradiation, Radiation Preservation of Food, Good Practice, Dosimetry, Phytosanitary, Quality Management, Gamma Irradiators, Electron Beam, X Ray, Food Hygiene

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