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Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for the Detection of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material out of Regulatory Control

Implementing Guide

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Arabic STI/PUB/1613 978-92-0-605515-1
66 3 30.00 2015

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This publication provides guidance to Member States for the development, or improvement of nuclear security systems and measures for the detection of criminal or unauthorized acts with nuclear security implications involving nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control. It describes the elements of an effective nuclear security detection architecture which is composed of an integrated set of nuclear security systems and measures, and is based on an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for the implementation of the national detection strategy. The publication is an implementing guide within the IAEA Nuclear Security Series and is intended for use by national policy makers, legislative bodies, competent authorities, institutions, and individuals involved in the establishment, implementation, maintenance or sustainability of nuclear security systems and measures for the detection of nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control.

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IAEA Nuclear Security, Physical Protection of Radioactive Material, Radioactive Substances, Crime Detection, Radiation Sources, Safety Measures, Nuclear Terrorism, Prevention, Nuclear Security Systems, Hazards, Legal Aspects, Member States, Physical Protection Devices, Radioactive Material, Radioactive Waste Storage, Recommendations, Sabotage, Safeguard Regulations, Transport Regulations, Waste Transportation, Nuclear Security Detection Architecture, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, GICNT

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