States conclude safeguards agreements with the IAEA, pursuant, inter alia, to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT); in accordance with nuclear weapon free zone treaties; or to meet obligations of nuclear supply agreements. The IAEA and States are required to cooperate in the implementation of such agreements; such cooperation is strengthened when both parties share a common understanding of the activities and objectives of safeguards implementation. Effective cooperation demonstrates a State’s commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear energy and furthers the State’s national interests by reducing the risk of unauthorized use of nuclear material.

The IAEA has established this webpage to support States in the implementation of safeguards agreements. The IAEA publications provided here may be useful to States in this regard. Documents subject to change (particularly official forms) have a defined period of validity noted at the top of the document.

Communications from State or regional authorities responsible for safeguards implementation (SRAs) are always welcome. Emails may be addressed to the relevant Country Officer or to [email protected].