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Statement at Nuclear Africa 2015 Conference

"Technically and financially, access to nuclear power is no longer limited to developed countries," said IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano in his Statement at Nuclear Africa 2015 Conference on 18 March 2015. Read more...

IAEA Workshop Discusses Egyptian Public Awareness in Nuclear Power

A three-day IAEA meeting recently held in Cairo focused on advancing stakeholder involvement in Egypt's nuclear power programme. Held under an IAEA Technical Cooperation project, the meeting from 17 to 19 February included nuclear communication experts from... Read more...

Experts Underscore Need to Strengthen R&D Data Sharing as Part of Post-Fukushima Action Plan

The need to improve understanding and reduce uncertainty in phenomenon and models having bearing on safety by better sharing information on vital nuclear research projects was underscored at the IAEA's eighth International Experts Meeting (IEM) in Vienna last week. Read more...

IAEA Team Completed Third Review of Japan's Plans to Decommission Fukushima Daiichi

An IAEA expert team today completed a third review of Japan's efforts to plan and implement the decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Read more...

Understanding Nuclear Power

The Agency's projections show that nuclear power is likely to continue to grow steadily. Some countries are preparing plans to introduce and build nuclear power plants to support their growing energy needs. But is nuclear for everyone? The IAEA provides guidance and technical knowledge to countries for building safe and sustainable nuclear power infrastructure. Read more...


Topics In Focus

Climate Change and Nuclear Power

2014 Scientific Forum 
on Radioactive Waste

Nuclear Technology 
Review 2014

Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

 Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

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