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Amano: "Safe, Sustainable, Viable Waste Management"

Director General Yukiya Amano decided to focus on radioactive waste management at the next Scientific Forum, which will be held on 23 and 24 September 2014 during the 58th General Conference. In an interview with the NEFW Newsletter, he explains why the Forum would be interesting for all IAEA Member States. Read more...

IAEA DG Amano talks to NEFW Newsletter on radioactive waste management

The latest edition of the NEFW Newsletter features an interview with the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano on the upcoming Scientific Forum, which will focus on radioactive waste management. The spectrum of articles stretch from uranium mining and research reactors to IAEA Fukushima missions on environmental remediation and decommissioning. Read more...

IAEA Hosts Annual Meeting of International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee

An annual meeting of the International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee (WATEC) is taking place at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna from 1 to 4 April 2014, covering a range of important issues and methods relating to the safe and secure disposal of radioactive waste. Read more...

New E-learning Module Released on Nuclear Power Management Systems

The IAEA has released the eighth module of the interactive e-learning series explaining the IAEA's Milestones Approach to introducing a nuclear power programme. The "Management Systems" module explains how to develop and implement the structure, resources and processes of a nuclear industry organisation into one coherent system to ensure effective and safe management of a nuclear power programme. Read more...

Gateway to Nuclear Information

The Nuclear Energy News App offers instant access to newsletters, brochures and information from the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy. The app is now available via the iTunes and Google Play stores. Listen...

What are first steps towards a nuclear power programme?

A number of IAEA Member States are at a very early stage of considering adding nuclear power to their national energy mix. A recent IAEA workshop, held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, addressed first steps to be taken and provided guidance and training in conducting energy assessments, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies on the introduction of nuclear power. Read more...


Topic In Focus

IAEA Director General 
Visits UAE Nuclear Power Plant Site

Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power

Developing Infrastructure for New Nuclear Power Programmes

Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

 Nuclear Power: Status and Outlook

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