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Developing Safety Culture In Nuclear Activities Practical Suggestions to Assist Progress (Russian Edition)

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Russian STI/PUB/1064 92-0-402800-9
75 4 20.50 2000


This Safety Report supplements Safety Series No. 75-INSAG-4: Safety Culture (1991) in describing practices that have proved valuable in establishing and maintaining a sound safety culture.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Safety Culture; 3. Stages of development of safety culture; 4. General practices to develop organizational effectiveness; 5. Specific practices to develop safety culture; 6. Assessing progress in the development of safety culture; 7. Detection of incipient weakness in safety culture; 8. Concluding remarks; Appendix I: Practices used for developing an improved safety culture that are not specifically mentioned in INSAG-4; Appendix II: Key questions for use in discussions when trying to increase awareness of safety culture; Appendix III: Characteristics of a good facilitator; Appendix IV: Safety culture screening matrix; Appendix V: Index of corrective actions.

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