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Lessons Learned from Accidents in Industrial Irradiation Facilities (Russian Edition)

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Русский яз. STI/PUB/1015 ¦ 92-0-403597-8

66 pages ¦ 10 figures ¦ € 17.50 ¦ Date published: 1998



The purpose of this publication is to present the results of a review of accidents in industrial radiography which have either been reported to regulatory authorities or to professional associations, or been published in scientific journals. Use of ionizing radiation in medicine, industry and research for technical development continues to increase throughout the world. Although this industry has a good safety record, there is a potential for accidents with serious consequences to human health because of the high dose rates produced by these sources. Five fatal accidents occurred between 1975 and 1994. Such accidents have prompted the present review, carried out by a team of manufacturers, regulatory authorities and operating organizations. Having closely looked at the circumstances of each accident, the apparent deficiencies in design, safety and regulatory systems, and personnel performance, the team made a number of recommendations. The findings of extensive research pertaining to the lessons that can be learned from irradiation accidents are presented.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Brief description of accidents; 3. Major causes of accidents and lessons learned; 4. Prevention and remedial actions; Annex: Accidents with fatal consequences and with severe radiation injuries; References.

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