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Bridging Divides, Digitally: Observing World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
18 May 2015 | World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, celebrated each year on May 17th, offers an annual reminder of the expanding role played communications technology in our professional and social lives. We commemorate the day by exploring how the technical cooperation programme is leveraging digital networks in support of development. Read more»
Medical physics: Supporting the profession and practise in Europe
14 May 2015 | Experts from international organizations, as well as medical physicists and representatives from Health Ministries and the governmental agencies of more than 30 IAEA Member States, came together to discuss and build awareness of the important role of medical physicists. Read more»
Supporting international efforts to prevent, control and mitigate Ciguatera Fish Poisoning using nuclear techniques
8 May 2015 | IAEA Member States of the Asia and the Pacific region, including Small Island Developing States, are under threat year round from seafood toxicity caused by marine algae, often referred to as harmful algal blooms (HABs). Read more»

Up-and-coming experts: Staff daughters receive a crash course in the Technical Cooperation Programme
29 April 2015 | Each year in late April, the City of Vienna sponsors Daughter’s Day, or ‘Wiener Toechtertag,’ an annual and city-wide event. This year, nearly 40 IAEA staff members brought their daughters with them to work, where the young women received lectures on cybersecurity, presentations on radiotherapy, and tours of the IAEA’s Satellite Imagery Laboratories. Read more»
New to the Programme: the IAEA welcomes and briefs newly appointed National Liaison Officers and Assistants from the Africa region
27 April 2015 | From 13-17 April 2015, the IAEA welcomed 18 NLOs and NLAs from the African region to the Agency’s Vienna headquarters for an induction workshop. The workshop aimed to provide guidance to the incoming national liaison officers and assistants on how the IAEA’s TC programme functions. Read more»
Paving the way towards the future: IAEA, Member States and partners review cradle-to-grave radioactive source management project
27 April 2015 | Some 40 experts in radioactive sources management representing regulatory bodies, waste operators and policymakers have met in Marrakesh, Morocco, between 13 and 17 April 2015 to evaluate progress made in the Mediterranean region toward ensuring the safe and comprehensive control of radioactive sources. Read more»
World Malaria Day: With IAEA support, Sudan is deploying the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) to suppress mosquito populations
24 April 2015 | In recognition of World Malaria Day, observed on 25 April, we present an interview conducted at a coordination meeting, held from 10-12 March, with two delegates of the Republic of Sudan. They elaborate and discuss the ongoing efforts to combat malaria in Sudan through the use of the Sterile Insect Technique. Watch»
Nuclear Energy Contributes to Development: Energy Conference in Africa Looks at Options
22 April 2015 | Africa's energy future, as well as opportunities for regional cooperation in nuclear energy development, were the focus of discussions at the Third Conference on Energy and Nuclear Power in Africa — Assessing African Energy Needs and Planning for the Future, organized by the IAEA in Kenya last week. Read more»
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