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Asian Cooperative Agreement Holds 36th Regional Meeting
15 April 2014 | Improving social, economic and environmental benefits is the shared objective of the RCA, a regional grouping of Asian countries which seeks to promote research, development and training related to nuclear science and technology. Read More »
Nuclear Techniques Help Find Solutions in Fight Against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
15 April 2014 | HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) are among the leading globa health issues and a challenge confronting the international community. Read More »
IAEA Helping Diseased Hearts
15 April 2014 | The mosquito, the carrier of dengue and malaria, may be the world’s most famous vector of disease but every year countless people are bitten in the night by a totally different kind of insect; a subfamily of bugs called Triatominae. Read More »
IAEA and Mosquito-borne Diseases
15 April 2014 | Mosquitos are estimated to transmit diseases to more than 700 million people annually and some of these diseases can ravage livestock populations too. Read More »
Moving towards a Regional Emergency Response Plan in the Gulf
14 April 2014 | Through the IAEA technical cooperation project RAS/2/015, Supporting the Introduction of Nuclear Power for Electricity Generation and Seawater Desalination, the IAEA has been supporting the GCC countries in their development of the Regional Radiological and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. Read More »
Fiji Seeks to Establish a Radiotherapy Facility to Improve Cancer Treatment
10 April 2014 | Fiji has one of the highest death rates from breast and cervical cancer in the world, but has no radiotherapy services. Every year the Ministry of Health sends approximately 15-24 radiotherapy patients to India, New Zealand or Australia. Fiji has requested the IAEA's help to establish a radiotherapy facility to improve cancer treatment in the country. Read More »
Raising the bar - Supporting quality assurance programmes in nuclear analytical laboratories
10 April 2014 | A training workshop on quality assurance requirements for environmental radioanalytical laboratories took place last week at IAEA headquarters in Vienna, organized by the IAEA Environment Laboratories, under IAEA technical cooperation projects IRQ0006, JOR9010 and UAE7003. Read More »
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