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Reducing the Risks from Indoor and Occupational Exposure to Radon in Latin America and Caribbean
16 December 2014 | A regional technical cooperation project to strengthen national infrastructure for compliance with regulations and radiological protection requirements has started this year, focusing on strengthening radiation protection programmes in medical and occupational exposure in the Latin America region. Read more»
Celebrating 30 Years of Regional Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean
12 December 2014 | The Regional Co-operation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL) celebrates 30 years of committed work and takes stock of its achievements. Read more»
Inspiring the next generation of scientists and leaders: The IAEA participates in Bring your Child to Work Day
12 December 2014 | Bring your Child to Work Day took place on 5 December, and the IAEA invited the children of staff members to learn more about the Agency and the various activities and work that take place day to day. Read more»
Advocating For Strong 'Cradle To Grave' Control of Radioactive Sources
10 December 2014 | Taking a holistic approach to the management of radioactive sources from "cradle to grave" enhances safety and security, and enables countries to overcome limitations to obtain radioactive sources for use in health care, agriculture and industry, agreed participants at a workshop at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna last week. Read more»
Building on success: Developing projects to expand ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ control of radioactive sources
9 December 2014 | The IAEA held a workshop at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, to develop a model cradle-to-grave project. The workshop was organized within the framework of the IAEA’s interregional technical cooperation project INT/9/176, ‘Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources in the Mediterranean Region'. Read more»

Always prepared: European Commission helps to strengthen regional emergency preparedness
3 December 2014 | With the support of Member States and the European Union (EU), the IAEA’s technical cooperation (TC) programme is helping Member States to improve their ability to respond effectively in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency. Read more»
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