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The primary role of the Department of Safeguards is to deter the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It does so in two ways: by providing credible assurances that States are honouring their international obligations, thus helping to build international confidence, and by being able to detect early any misuse of nuclear material or technology, thereby alerting the world to potential proliferation.

To do so, the Department applies various technical measures referred to as ‘safeguards’ to verify the correctness and the completeness of the declarations made by States about their nuclear material and activities. IAEA safeguards are an essential component of the international security system.

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Latest News and Topics

Top Story | 24 March 2015
The IAEA is often called the world's "nuclear watchdog". Have you ever wondered why that is?
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Top Story | 23 March 2015
Iran needs to help clarify concerns about possible military dimensions to its nuclear programme but progress so far has been limited, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said in a statement at the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference in Washington.
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Top Story | 10 March 2015
Following last month's meeting between Director General Amano and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif and the follow-up discussions between the Director General and Deputy Foreign Minister Araghchi, the IAEA and Iran met on 9 March in Tehran and discussed the continuation of the implementation of the Framework for Cooperation. In this context, they further exchanged information on two remaining practical measures. The Agency stressed the need to expedite the existing process in the Framework for Cooperation. The Agency and Iran agreed to meet again in mid-April, 2015.
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Top Story | 4 March 2015
The IAEA and Iran have agreed to hold a technical meeting in Tehran on 9 March 2015.
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Top Story | 11 December 2014
The IAEA Board of Governors on Thursday endorsed a request for the Agency to extend its monitoring and verification activities in Iran under a Joint Plan of Action agreed between Iran and six other countries.
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