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An Electron Accelerator Accident in Hanoi, Viet Nam

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Chinese, Simplified STI/PUB/1008

¦ 出版日期:1999



On 17 November 1992 a radiological accident occurred at an electron accelerator facility in Hanoi, Viet Nam. An individual entered the irradiation room without the operators' knowledge and unwittingly exposed his hands to the X ray beam. His hands were seriously injured and one hand had to be amputated. The report details the circumstances of the accident, its medical consequences and the governmental response.
Contents: 1. Introduction: 1.1. Background to the IAEA post-accident review; 2. Regulatory control in Viet Nam; 3. The irradiation facility: 3.1. Facility origins and layout; 3.2. Accelerator design and operation; 3.3. Safety systems and procedures; 4. The accident and the response: 4.1. The accident; 4.2. The response; 5. Medical management: 5.1. Before hospitalization; 5.2. In hospital in Hanoi; 5.3. Specialized treatment in Paris; 6. Assessment of the dose to the patient: 6.1. Post-accident measurements at the facility; 6.2. Materials exposed in the accident; 7. Lessons learned: 7.1. Conclusions; 7.2. Recommendations to organizations operating irradiation facilities; 7.3. General recommendations to regulatory authorities; 7.4. Recommendation to medical authorities; 7.5. Recommendations to equipment suppliers; Annex.

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