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Advanced BWR with Passive Safety Systems Simulator

This simulator is based on the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR), designed by General Electric. It was developed by CTI Simulation International Corporation in 2008.

The advanced BWR simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • The ESBWR uses natural circulation that provides major simplifications of the plant by removal of the recirculation pumps and associated piping, head exchangers and controls. It also ensures large safety margins with reliable passive emergency core cooling system (ECCS), a requirement that GE considered to be important in the design of Gen III+ reactors. Details of the ESBWR design are found in the IAEA ARIS Database.
  • The ESBWR safety systems design incorporates four redundant and independent divisions of the passive ECCS. The passive BWR ECCS features implemented in the simulator include the following systems:
    • Gravity Driven Cooling System (GDCS)
    • Automatic Depressurization System (ADS)
    • Isolation Condenser System (ICS)
    • Standby Liquid Control System (SLCS)
  • The simulator has a user–machine interface that mimics the actual control panel instrumentation.
  • There is no possibility to model severe accidents.

Normal Operation

  • Power Reduction/Increase
  • Normal Reactor Trip

Malfunction Transiet Events

  • Both FW Pumps Trip
  • Inadvertent Isolation Condenser Initiation
  • Inadvertent Opening of Bypass Valve
  • Decreasing/Increasing Steam Flow from Dome Due to Pressure Control Failure
  • Turbine Throttle PT Fails Low
  • Safety Relief Valve (SRV) on One Main Steam Line Fails Open
  • Feedwater Level Control Valve Fails Open
  • Turbine Trip with Bypass Valve Failed Closed
  • Inadvertent Withdrawal/Insertion of One Bank of Rods
  • Inadvertent Reactor Isolation
  • Loss of Feedwater Heating
  • Loss of Condenser Vacuum
  • Steam/Feedwater Line Break Inside Drywell
  • Reactor Vessel Bottom Break - 1660 kg/sec LOCA


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