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University Programme Peer Review Assessment (UPPRA)

The University Programme Peer Review Assessment (UPPRA) is a comprehensive expert peer review service for nuclear engineering degree programmes. This service supports Member States in their efforts to establish undergraduate and graduate programmes to train students both in the fundamentals of nuclear energy and its application in wide range of cross-cutting areas of energy generation, safety and security.

Many Member States, mainly countries embarking on nuclear power projects, are in the process of establishing new educational programmes as part of their national nuclear infrastructure development efforts. Upon request from national academic institutions in Member States, UPPRA review services provide an overall review and assessment of nuclear engineering programmes at curriculum level and provide recommendations.

In addition, the UPPRA review includes a competence based approach to curricula development by describing the general and specific competences expected of nuclear engineering graduates at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. 

While there are no internationally established standards on what a nuclear engineering curriculum should include, a representative curriculum with a wide range of technical topics and good practices, tailored to the national needs, is used.

Interested academic institutions can request the UPPRA service mission by contacting the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section.


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