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Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT)

LANENT was set up to promote, manage and preserve nuclear knowledge and to ensure the continued availability of talented and qualified human resources in the nuclear field in the Latin American and Caribbean region and to enhance the quality of the human resources for the sustainability of nuclear technology.

    Objective of LANENT

    The objective of LANENT is to facilitate and improve co-operation in education, training and outreach in nuclear technology in the Latin American and Caribbean region through:

    • identifying educational offer available in the region
    • facilitating the detection of nuclear education gaps in the region
    • sharing of information, learning materials and virtual tools for nuclear education, training and outreach
    • facilitating the development of educational materials
    • promoting mobility of students and teachers
    • facilitating mutual recognition of courses and credits among educational institutions
    • promoting collaboration between LANENT member organizations and other regional and global networks


    LANENT will strive to

    • integrate available resources for education, training and outreach in synergy with existing IAEA and other mechanisms,
    • create public awareness about the benefits of nuclear technology and its applications,
    • attract talented youth in view of alternate competing career options,
    • facilitate the access to nuclear education and training,
    • encourage senior nuclear professionals to share their experience and knowledge with the young generation,
    • encourage the use of information and communication technologies, in particular web based training and education to a maximum possible extent,
    • facilitate cooperation and linkage with other networks
    • involve industry and academic and governmental institutions according to national programs.



    LANENT is a network of institutions interested in nuclear education, training and outreach in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Membership is open to universities, national educational networks, research centers, governmental entities, and other institutions.

    Other organizations and associations interested in nuclear education, training and outreach, from or outside the region, may contribute to LANENT as collaborating members.

    The technical content covers education, training and outreach in all subjects in the area of nuclear science and technology, collaborating with other networks working in the field.

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