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Central criterion

Strong government commitment to project objectives, referred to as the central criterion, is one of the key issues assessed in the 2002 Review (GOV/INF/2002/8/Mod.1). If a government supports a national programme to solve a development problem, then it is one that the government considers to be a national priority. And, if a government partners with the Agency to contribute to solving that problem by applying a nuclear technique, this is a good indication that the nuclear technique has a comparative advantage, or is crucial to the solution of the problem.

A project meets the central criterion if it either:

-    relates clearly to an area that is a prerequisite for use of nuclear technologies and that has a good chance of achieving the expected outcomes: or,

-    addresses an area where there is a national programme enjoying strong government commitment with evidence of significant financial support, and where nuclear techniques can play a fundamental role for the success of the project.

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