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What is gender mainstreaming?

The United Nations Economic and Social Council defines gender mainstreaming as “the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in all areas and at all levels. It is a strategy for making women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in all political, economic and societal spheres so that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated.”

Mainstreaming is not an end in itself – it is an approach or a means to achieve the goal of gender equality. Mainstreaming means that gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equality are incorporated to all activities, including policy development project cycle planning, research, advocacy/dialogue, legislation and resource allocation, as well as in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects.

The IAEA Gender Equality Policy aims to further gender equality by implementing gender mainstreaming in the Agency’s programmes and operations.  Efforts to mainstream gender through the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme are guided by this policy, and by the 2006 Interim Gender Policy on Incorporating a Gender Perspective into Technical Cooperation. The objective of incorporating a gender perspective into technical cooperation activities is threefold. It is (1) to ensure that all staff, male and female, understand and promote the concept of gender equality, (2) to increase the representation of women in the professional categories and management positions within the Department, and (3) to ensure that all programming undertaken by the Department incorporates gender mainstreaming principles.

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What is gender mainstreaming?

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