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Gender mainstreaming and the IAEA's technical cooperation programme

The IAEA’s technical cooperation programme focuses on the application of capacities in nuclear technology for sustainable socioeconomic development. It is the single largest framework through which the IAEA carries out its mandate to make more widely available the benefits of nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes, with ‘due consideration for the needs of the under-developed areas of the world’. Member States are full partners in the programme, guiding technical cooperation activities, setting national and regional priorities, and offering training opportunities and technical support to the IAEA and to other Member States.

The overriding goal of all technical cooperation projects is to contribute to the development goals of the IAEA Member States, and to promote tangible socioeconomic impact. The likelihood of project success is greatly enhanced if the perspectives and needs of all project stakeholders – women, men, boys and girls – are taken into account. Involving both women and men in the conceptualization, management and implementation of technical cooperation projects increases project focus, effectiveness and impact. By considering gender, the overall quality and efficiency of the technical cooperation programme can be improved. In turn, by ensuring that the concerns of women and men are taken into account in the planning, design and implementation of programmes and projects, technical cooperation activities can contribute towards gender equality.

All IAEA staff engaged in technical cooperation, and all national counterparts, need to understand that the nuclear technologies being transferred through the technical cooperation programme have social and economic implications for potential users and beneficiaries. The potential contribution of technical cooperation projects depends on the attitudes of individuals, who play a crucial role in the realization of gender mainstreaming. Staff and counterparts may need specialized assistance to help ensure that both men and women will benefit from programming and project activities. Gender analysis should be part of every technical cooperation project.

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Gender mainstreaming and the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme

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