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Speeches by former DDGs-TC

Ana Maria CETTO (DDG-TC, 2002-2010)

DDG-TC Closing Statement to the Board, 3 June 2008
DDG-TC Statement to the Board, 2 June 2008
Statement to Member States - NLOs Roles and Responsibilities on 27 September 2007
Board Closing Statement on 15 June 2007
Statement to the Board 11 June 2007
TACC Opening Statement on 20 November 2006
Opening Address to the Conference on Quality Management and New Techniques in Radiation Medicine on 13 November 2006
Opening of the Special Exhibit on Nuclear Technologies for the Environment : Protecting Air, Earth and Oceans on 19 September 2006
Statement to the Board June 2006
Chernobyl 20: TC inputs Speed Recovery, Contribute to Future Goals
After reading out the DG’s message, Ana María Cetto, DDG-TC, added some personal remarks on the occasion of the Conference
Statement to the Board June 2005
First Regional Planning and Coordination meeting on Strengthening National Regulatory Infrastructure for the Control of Radiation Sources Opening Address on 30 May 2005
SAGTAC IV Opening Remarks on 30 May 2005
Europe Regional Meeting Statement on 17 May 2005
2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference Speech in May 2005
TACC Introductory Remarks on 22 November 2004
Board Closing Statement on 15 June 2004
Board Opening Statement on 14 June 2004
Board Closing Statement on 10 March 2004
Mexico's Woman of the Year in [English] [Spanish]
Board Closing Statement on 16 June 2003
The pillars of peace - the evolution of nuclear technical cooperation by Ana María Cetto (IAEA Bulletin 45/2, December 2003)sue Bank: Sri Lanka


TC in Support Cancer Treatment
Nuclear Cooperation for Development, ARSOM Brussels

Jihui QIAN (DDG-TC, 1992-2002)

Statement on World Water Day on 22 March 2002
TACC Meeting Statement on 26 November 2001
Taking Nuclear Technology to the Marketplace on 22 August 2000
The Coming of Age of South-South Technical Cooperation on 12 April 2000

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