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Programme quality
A quality based planning process lays the foundation for efficient project implementation and for effective delivery of the programme

Quality is essential to the technical cooperation programme. All TC projects must meet TC quality criteria.
TC quality criteria are based on the technical cooperation programme central criterion:
• Relevance
• Ownership
• Sustainability
• Effectiveness
• Efficiency

Planning and monitoring the TC Programme

TC quality criteria are applicable throughout every phase of the TC programme cycle. They are addressed at the planning stage, and during the process of project concept development and selection, project design, and consolidation of the programme prior to submission to the IAEA Board of Governors for approval. Similarly, the criteria are applied throughout project implementation, progress monitoring and reporting, and at the assessment of achievements prior to project closure.

The IAEA’s technical cooperation programme uses a methodology called the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) to plan and design projects. This approach is applied by a range of international organizations to conceptualize development and aid activities. The technique helps Member States to define the course of an entire project, identifying key problems, solutions to address them and feasible alternatives for implementation.

Project progress and performance is monitored throughout the projects’ life cycle using a tool called the Project Progress Assessment Report (PPAR).

TC’s Quality Assurance Section

The Department of Technical Cooperation’s Quality Assurance Section provides guidance and expertise on TC project quality issues, thus contributing to ensuring the success of TC projects.

The mechanics to enhance quality, among others, include:

• Collaborative development of quality standards
• Information sharing and mutual learning
• Passing on knowledge and skills through training and workshops
• Ensuring continuous improvement through review of processes and feedback
• Sharing best practices
• Communities of practice

The collection and dissemination of TC Best Practices are a mechanism to encourage and support quality enhancement of the TC programme. Click here to find out more about how TC is identifying and sharing Best Practices to support continuous improvements in the TC programme.  

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